Impeccable design, exquisite craftsmanship, world-class collaborations. These are the foundations upon which Zolijns (pronounced as zo-lines), a boutique furniture house is built. With a strong contemporary aesthetic, Zolijns has created a modern space which houses award winning European and home grown designers who articulate sophistication in India.

Zolijns was born from an understanding of the Indian consumers need for a well- designed, high quality furniture reflected in the works of the best European brands. The growing sophistication of the Indian furniture buyer, combined with the demand for top of the line craftsmanship convinced the team, that a brand like Zolijns was relevant to the market here.This led to the launch of Zolijns in Delhi in 2010 marked by partnerships with some of the specialist international players in the furniture world such as RIVA 1920, Artflex, Flos, Rapsel and MisuraEmme.